7 Important Financial Ratios

financial ratios list

Or, you might want to compare the P/E of one or more stocks to an industry average. If a company has zero or negative earnings (i.e., a loss), then earnings per share will also be zero or negative. Most ratios are best used in combination with others, rather than singly, for a comprehensive picture of company financial health. There are six basic ratios that are often used to pick stocks for investment portfolios.

financial ratios list

This article will look into five major categories of financial ratios that you can use to evaluate your company’s financial health. Valuation ratios are used to determine the value of a stock when compared to a certain measure like profits or enterprise value. Efficiency ratios https://www.wave-accounting.net/ are used to measure the ability of a company to use its assets to earn revenue. Higher interest coverage ratiosimply the greater ability of the firm to pay off its interests. This financial ratio signifies the ability of the firm to pay interest on the assumed debt.

List of Liquidity Ratios: Formula & Analysis

Operating margin shows how efficiently a company is managing its operational expenses to maximize net profit and boost future growth. Wasteful utilization of assets like automobiles, land, and buildings brings about superfluous costs that should be disposed of. Financial ratios can likewise assist with deciding whether the monetary assets are finished or under-utilized. Measure the ability of a company to earn a profit by comparing earnings and expenses. _____ _____ are used by these corporate managers, financial investors, and bankers to determine the health of a company.

financial ratios list

In 2021, the business is using more equity financing than debt financing to operate the company. It is the number of days, on average, that it takes a firm’s customers to pay their credit accounts. Together with receivables turnover, average collection helps the firm develop its credit and collections policy. Here is the balance sheet we are going to use for our financial ratio tutorial. You will notice there are two years of data for this company so we can do a time-series analysis and see how the firm is doing across time. In leverage ratio usually the equity fund of a company is compared with its borrowed funds. The degree to which the activities of a company are financed by owner’s funds versus creditor’s funds is indicated by the term gearing.


The articles and research support materials available on this site are educational and are not intended to be investment or tax advice. All such information is provided solely for convenience purposes only and all users thereof should be guided accordingly. This ratio one may use to know whether the company is having good fun or not to meet the long-term business requirement. Fixed CostsFixed Cost refers to the cost or expense that is not affected by any decrease or increase in the number of units produced or sold over a short-term horizon. It is the type of cost which is not dependent on the business activity.

There are generally five types of financial ratratios1) profitability, liquidity, management efficiency, coverage, valuation, and solvency. That $2,000 is your current liabilities that you need to pay within 30 days and if you just looked at current assets and liabilities as lines on your balance sheet, it doesn’t tell you much. Liquidity ratios are used to measure the ability of a company to pay its short-term debts using liquid assets. Ratio AnalysisRatio analysis is the quantitative interpretation of the company’s financial performance. It provides valuable information about the organization’s profitability, solvency, operational efficiency and liquidity positions as represented by the financial statements. Debt Service Coverage RatioDebt service coverage is the ratio of net operating income to total debt service that determines whether a company’s net income is sufficient to cover its debt obligations.

Total Asset Turnover

All of a sudden you need to repay the loan and you don’t have the cash flow to do it. A financial ratio is a very helpful monetary measurement of the company.

  • It is the ratio of dividends paid and the current market price.
  • If your sales-per-employee is generally growing over time, your business is operating efficiently.
  • Financial ratios help senior management and external stakeholders measure a company’s performance.
  • The company needs to compare these two ratios to industry averages.

Enterprise value is a measure of a company’s total value, often used as a comprehensive alternative to equity market capitalization that includes debt. Fundamental analysis is the analysis of a security to discover its true value. It involves the study of economic, industry, and company information.

A high times interest earned ratio gives the lender comfort that the borrower will be able to make the interest payments when they are due. You should also be aware that some people will use the term gross margin to mean the dollars of gross profit.

  • Operating IncomeOperating Income, also known as EBIT or Recurring Profit, is an important yardstick of profit measurement and reflects the operating performance of the business.
  • The current ratio measures how many times you can cover your current liabilities.
  • We would really need to know what type of industry this firm is in and get some industry data to compare to.
  • The cash ratio measures a business’s ability to use cash and cash equivalent to pay off short-term liabilities.

Hence, the corporation’s net income after tax will be divided by a smaller number of outstanding shares of common stock. This will cause the corporation’s earnings per share to increase. This in turn often causes an increase in the market value of each share of common stock. Use these mathematical calculations to determine how quickly a business can turn its current assets into cash to pay current liabilities. As you can see, it is possible to do a cursory financial ratio analysis of a business firm with only 13 financial ratios, even though ratio analysis has inherent limitations.

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